There is a Chinese shrine on a remote island (Pulau Ubin) off Singapore, dedicated to a German girl. Folklore has it that this girl tragically fell to her death in her attempt to escape from the British who had rounded up her family during the outbreak of World War 1. Subsequently some villagers found her body and buried her on top of a hill. After the war, the family was released. However due to language problems, the family was unable to know her whereabouts.

They left Pulau Ubin and Singapore, never to return.


For almost two years, the filmmaker choon hiong has been making a documentary and conductiong research to uncover her identity:
"I wish, in some way, to preserve the memory of this girl - for both viewers, and if possible, her kin."

Perhaps you can help: unlike a TV-documentary with a linear structure, the world wide web allows for an interactive & non-linear Online-Documentary. Anyone who is interested in the project can log on to view and download search results, use these results as basis for own research and upload new results to the website to enhance the common knowledge pool. It is possible to share Text, Sound and Image-Files (Still-Pictures or Video) through our website. Furthermore anyone can contribute to the publicity and rating of this project by sending this link to a friend.


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This project is headed by filmmaker Choon Hiong. He is backed by senior producer Amie S. Williams from Balmaidenfilm productions USA.

During a filmfestival in Hannover / Germany Choon Hiong established a contact to a german production company frische medien GbR